January 19th, 2007


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Today's adventure will most likely be grabbing a bus or three out to the U district to get an iMic from the Mac Store. This, in theory, will allow me to connect the microphone from my headset to my computer in such a manner that the computer can hear the mic. There is a line-in jack on my PowerBook, but the headset mic lacks the amplification for me to just plug into that directly. The iMic seems to be a better answer than trying to find a suitable amplifier, since my second X chromosome or something seems to make the guys at Radio Shack incapable of parsing my requests. No, I don't want a microphone. No, I don't want a USB headset. I already HAVE a headset, I need an adapter or an amplifier so I can connect the microphone of the headset to the line-in jack on my laptop, since plugging the microphone of the headset in directly doesn't register. No, I'm certain there is only a line-in jack on the laptop. No, really, I tried that already. Le sigh.

Anyhoo, with a working microphone I will be able to use the part of my Spanish language program where I can record my attempts to pronounce words and phrases and compare them to the voiceprint of a native speaker. That will be very helpful. And fun, too!