December 17th, 2006


White House leaning over scientists shoulders

New USGS "screening" rules, from the AP wire via

The new requirements state that the USGS's communications office must be “alerted about information products containing high-visibility topics or topics of a policy-sensitive nature.''
Perhaps it isn't really meant to censor, but it's certainly meant to let the government get the spin machines in motion more quickly:
Top officials at the Interior Department's scientific arm say the rules only standardize what scientists must do to ensure the quality of their work and give a heads-up to the agency's public relations staff. [Emphasis mine]

Lysenko, anyone?
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another storm snippet

I meant to mention also under "camping in the living room" that, a la my Bluebirds camp-out in the first grade, I made a camp stove out of a #10 can and Sterno.

Granted, in Bluebirds we called it a Buddy Burner and made the fuel canister out of a tuna can, cardboard and melted paraffin (as described at the link). The Sterno didn't burn as hot as I recalled the paraffin burner doing, but that is just as well considering I was cooking on the hearth of our fireplace - I was still able to boil water for tea, cocoa and soup on it.

There really is something psychological about hot food, I've decided. Obviously a person can survive on foods that aren't heated, and I've even done it inadvertently at times, but I felt infinitely better Friday afternoon with a cup of hot tea in hand.

The paraffin-burner version gets hot enough to cook eggs or french-toast, as I recall.