November 29th, 2006


reading recap

I just finished up Collapse by Jared Diamond, as well as reading The Shark God (formerly titled The Last Heathen) by Charles Montgomery. An interesting confluence, since I've been reading the Diamond book off and on for about a year, and picked up the Montgomery from the library just now on the recommendation of osmie - both talk about the Solomon Islands and the environmental devastation taking place there.
Collapse )
Kalpa Imperial by Angelica Gorodischer (translated by Ursula LeGuin) is a book I'd been meaning to read ever since I first heard about it, but managed to forget until a library catalog search on LeGuin brought it back to my attention. Gorodischer is Argentinean with at least 19 novels to her credit, but this is the first to be translated into English. Damn it. I'd really like to read more of her work, so perhaps I'd better get with the Spanish. In any case, there's a good interview with her by Gabriel Mesa at Fantastic Metropolis.