October 6th, 2006


speaking of LeGuin

Serendipity struck while I was returning A Scanner Darkly to the library yesterday. For no good reason (other than having no new holds to pick up) I went in and wandered the stacks after dropping ASD in the return chute. The High Point Branch is small but comfortable, and has a decent on-site foreign language texts section (yay neighborhood diversity) that I wandered past - maybe I can check out some French children's books later for practice. Of course my final destination was the Science Fiction/Fantasy shelf, where to my delight I discovered a copy of Ursula LeGuin's Changing Planes.

It's a short story collection from a couple of years ago that I've meant to pick up but hadn't. It's delightful. I'm biased, she is one of my two favorite authors (Iain (M.) Banks being the other) - but people seem to agree with my opinion. She is being awarded the Maxine Cushing Gray Fellowship by the Washington Center for the Book in a presentation on the 18th of October. Even better, in Googleing around for the links above I find news of a couple more new works of hers for me to track down. Hurrah!