August 20th, 2006


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There is nothing quite like the faintly stomach-turning scent of dish-soap and cat-food.

Yesterday afternoon between the time I got out of the shower and lay down for a moment, and the time I sat up to finish getting dressed (ten minutes?) the cat dish turned into a swarm of ants.

So I hosed everything down with diluted dish-soap (which works really well, actually, since it both kills the ants, destroys the scent markers, and is essentially non-toxic) and vacuumed furiously, and seem to have won the battle for the moment. But I am really really tired of the war.

And of course now my bedroom smells of soapy cat-food. Preferable, if mildly nauseating. Ah well.

to say nothing of the piano

Yesterday my mother and I examined several possible apartment situations. We did this by bus - both out of necessity (c.f. the car saga over the last weekend in July) and because we want to live somewhere that is well-accessible by bus. If we can't get there easily to look at the place using public transit, it isn't a very workable location for us, and we want to know about it now.

It took the better part of the day to visit three places quite close to each other, which sort of proves my point about accessibility. Or the lack thereof - a complex can truthfully claim to be on a bus line and still not be a place you can conveniently live relying solely thereon for transportation.

As a result, we've had to reassess the viability of Delridge as an address. Yes, the #120 plies its trade faithfully thereby between downtown Seattle and the Burien Park & Ride. But making cross-connections to go to, say, the Alaska Junction is trickier than it should be, involving a lot of standing around and waiting after just missing the bus you were slated to catch because the first bus of the trip had been delayed. I'd much prefer to locate on or just off of California.

Two of the three places turned out to be unsuitable, which is entertaining because the third place - one that is workable though not ideal - was not a place we were planning to visit, but a serendipitous location enroute with a sandwich board out front. There we looked at a ground floor 2 BR 2 Bath unit that we may end up in after all: good price, good location, and most important, piano-friendly.

Yes, and in part I'm recording this so I remember in the future what I have tended to find myself forgetting: I'm looking for a place suitable for an 80-yr-old, a 40-yr-old, a cat, and an upright piano. It's essentially the family heirloom, & has been in the family 115 years. To be honest, it's kind of handy: any stairs we can't get the piano up are probably more than I want to subject my mother to on a daily basis.

So the first unit on our list got nixed for being on the second floor of a building with no elevator. The second was the ground floor unit we may take if nothing more suitable presents itself. The third was also ground floor, and would have been fantastic - lush wooded setting, a creek (I've always wanted to live by a creek), good price, nice amenities... but set so far back from the entrance and bus stop as to be impossible for my mom. Unpleasant for me, as well, because in spite of the gorgeous grounds the place is terribly pedestrian-unfriendly. No sidewalks to speak of between unit clusters - which is insane, and means no sidewalk thru-way to the bus stop, the office, the fitness complex, anything. It's really sad, because other than that glaring omission the complex as a whole is quite nicely designed, and the landscaping is beautiful. It would be great to stroll around, if there was anything to stroll on - so you had level footing and so you didn't have to worry about being gently but inexorably run over by a vehicle.

So that was yesterday, and the hunt rides on. Tune in tomorrow, et cetera.