April 8th, 2006


Fairfax Hospital - round II

Toyah makes a better antidote to the all Country Music Channel all the time programming that was the dayroom's TV content over the last week. [Funny how different groups of clients/patients seem to come in TV-viewing clumps. Last November - sports & news. This time the only time we got any sports watching was when it was just John-the-Program-Specialist (read orderly) and me, and he wanted to check the Mariners & Cardinals scores.] Also it is appropriate because surlyben actually saw his Coreyness wandering Capitol Hill yesterday, of all things. Blessed stars and stones, I was spared. *evil grin*

This gets to be a non-corporal_joy post because I think there's a wider audience interested. Can't tell the rest of you to hit the "d" key anymore, but I will throw in an Collapse )
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