March 26th, 2006


Sisters of Mercy

One of the best times I've ever had at a show, if not the best.

I choose my wording carefully, after a fair bit of consideration. I can't call it the best show I've ever seen, purely from technical details, although I must admit that I could see the band for the entire time I was able to stand up, unlike many. I think I just happened on a lucky angle. Most of the crowd, at least where I was, seemed not terribly into it...

I liked the new songs, I liked what they did with the old songs, I wish they'd release them somehow so I could get a good listen to the new material. I wish I could have danced more, or gone up front, since the nature of things was I probably could have gotten pretty close.

In any case, I really enjoyed seeing the Sisters of Mercy and Andrew Eldritch live. I really never thought it would happen, short of me going to Europe.

(no subject)

My mom turned 80 today.

We spent the day hanging out, the three family members on this coast, and most of the remote folks phoned in. It was nice, actually, very mellow. Well, after a somewhat confused beginning, but that's just the universe extracting its dues.