March 9th, 2006



Ok, so here in West Seattle we've got alternating humungo flakes of snow and what looks like rain, though it could be smaller flakes. I've not been out in it yet. The plan has been to walk down to the new library and return my book, but I hadn't realized we were having Weather. That is what I get for going back to bed this morning and sleeping five more hours.

While I have been typing we seem to be shifting over to just flakes. Can't see if it is sticking from my current vantage.

It looks like I'm in a snowglobe. Whee!

trip report

Ventured out into a distinct lack of snow, but a definite seeping coldness. Finally found the mysterious rental office for the housing project down the street, and put in an application for myself and my mother. They are on Sylvan, not Graham. The only thing on Graham at the given address is a giant cypress tree. I think they moved their location and forgot to update their links, so to speak.

Now I'm back home and experiencing that drowsy, warming-up feeling that I think is meant to be conveyed by apres-ski.