March 2nd, 2006


I wish I was surprised

AP article (link via Yahoo) reveals Bush was briefed with extremely accurate predictions for Hurricane Katrina devastation before the storm struck. "We are fully prepared," was all he had to say.

Fully prepared for what? Fully prepared to let the city be destroyed? To let people and animals suffer and die? To repeatedly turn offered aid away so that poor people (not his people, being famously lacking among the "haves and the have-mores" in Bush's base) could be conveniently eliminated by an Act of God? That's one way to get the welfare rolls down.

How much more evidence of Bush's callous disregard for anything constituting the commonwealth needs to pile up before even the most self-absorbed "but at least I'M safe" people take notice? I guess everyone likes to believe they are part of the elite?
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Forget the vernal equinox
the crocuses, your rites of spring--

I know the season's here when I
discover ants while showering.
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