January 26th, 2006



I think the cold won the wrestling match. Bah. Plus I did something to my glasses that loosened the frames on one side of the nose, so they don't want to stay on. It is a terrible horrible no-good very-bad day, hrumph.

So I have some nice hot lemon ginger tea with honey.

Actually, it's not really me that has me in a funk, it's Xiombarg. I'm afraid something is bugging her, I'm worried that she's in pain. Sometimes it is like she can't seem to get comfortable, other times she is fine. She was quite insistent about being petted but didn't purr like she usually does... She mostly seems cross, but some of that is fairly normal.

Argh. It comes down to whether the trauma of taking her to the vet would be greater or worse than the possible malady.