April 20th, 2005


today is going to be interesting

I was poking around the Republic of Pemberley (I doubt I would call myself obsessed with things Austen, as the following will illustrate) and I couldn't remember if I had read Pride and Prejudice, or if I simply knew the story. So on my way to the dentist I picked up an omnibus copy of her novels, and proceeded to discover I had not.

So that's what I did yesterday. And last night. And no, other than my mighty disconcerting nap after work, I have not been to bed. And while I am not sleepy, I can tell that I am tired from physical symptoms. I truly hope I'm not called upon to do anything that requires much in the way of dexterity today.

Next up: Sense and Sensibility, if for no other reason that I'm a freak, and reading P&P, the second novel in the collection, before having read the first one S&S was bugging me. I know it makes no sense, but there you go. I hate to start in the middle of anything - apparently I even hate the appearance of starting in the middle of something. *snort*

So, a tired Joy with a head full of Jane Austen - recipe for trouble? Only time will tell.


I'm not nearly as tired as I expected to be at this point. Sadly that is not particularly a good thing. My teeth are aching from being winched around yesterday, and thus so is my head aching. I've killed three ants in my bedroom, I'm hungry but can't think of anything to eat that wouldn't hurt more than it's worth.

Also, I am being Plagued by A Notion of Dubious Reward. It is irksome. At least the poems, when they show up, have the decency to sit down and shut up after I write them out.