February 26th, 2005


hmm, mmmm (coffee speculation)

My ~arabian mocha java blend... well, I need a better name for it, for one thing. Not that I'm likely to end up recreating it exactly, since part of the deal was to use the remains of the Sumatra M that were languishing on the weighing table. I'll probably do something similar with the three or four Central Americans there are tag ends left of as well. Because I am a truly awful person, and because I share blood with faintheart, I'm going to call it my Yemen Tsunami blend.

It has a pretty bright top note that I'm not terribly excited about, but a really lovely chocolate after-tone that lingers on the palate. I'll have to get uly to give more specifics, but on the whole I'm fairly happy with how it turned out. I chose the Timor because it wasn't bad but wasn't remarkable, I thought it would carry the Sumatras nicely. I think I would cut back on the aged Sumatra if I did it again - that's probably what is making the top note so brassy. I wonder if it would be worthwhile to do up another load of the Timor and blend it in? Well, we will see how it goes as things develop over the next day or so.

(no subject)

Well, I haven't done anything I intended to do when I got home earlier, but so what. No, that's a lie, I finished my editorial.

There's an inside/outside dichotomy that I run into occasionally when dealing on a professional basis with Names, or famous people, or personal idols. I'm good at treating the interaction normally, at treating People like people - that's not it. It's at other times when I suddenly slip sideways into fangirl space, mentally, and think holy crap, I'm working with Name! or something similar. It happened more than once while I worked on Vikingcon; I expect it to happen again with IROSF.

In some ways it's good. It keeps the hubris down, for one thing, or at least trims it back a bit.
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the art of Pit

They're playing Pit, the Trading Game over in the other room. I'm giving it a miss as I'm not fond of shouting. There is shouting aplenty, not to mention bell-ringing and what sounds suspiciously like the breaking of furniture. It seems everyone wants to corner coffee - I should take them to task for playing to type.
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