December 12th, 2004



I'm down at Espresso Ulysses, dawdling. I mean, field testing the battery life in my laptop, yeah - that's it. We met for the book club earlier - I sense a major overhaul in the scheduling on this - then I went out to Wallingford for massage. Then, I have to transfer busses somewhere anyway, so why not walk past the shop on the way to 1st avenue? So here I am.

I like how the cranes around town on the various construction sites have started to put up lights on the rigs. I think it is a nice touch. Of course, I like lights on things. I like looking at the lights of Boeing and the Duwamish flats coming east over the West Seattle bridge all year long. What an astonishing amount of electricity must run through there in a year!

Then there are times I would like the lights to go away - tomorrow is supposed to be the peak of the Geminid Meteor Shower. sharkins, step outside for me some time tonight or tomorrow and take a look in my name, eh? I don't foresee escaping out beyond the lights of home.
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