November 15th, 2004


books, mostly

Yesterday morning I read Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo, which is the Espresso Ulysses book club selection this month. Not exactly the cheeriest book to start one's morning off with - although I will say that reading the novel ended up making the video to the Metallica song "One" seem less creepy to me, since I could finally tell what was going on.

So, at that point in an empty house on a grey day, I decided I needed company. grouchychris took pity on my plight, and we wandered down to Pioneer Square and Elliot Bay Books. Surely the best antidote to a depressing book is... more books!

It worked for me, anyway - I picked up Light by M. John Harrison, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke, and the Future Dictionary of America, which is one of the McSweeney's ensemble pieces. Then we prudently departed before I was ambushed by any more tomes, and wandered around a bit after putting the books in the car. We checked out the hours that the Russian submarine is open (9:30 to 5 daily, I think) and resolved to come back in the future, then went over to Magic Mouse toys for a bit, and then home. Because -- books! and other mundane considerations like lunch, and it being rather past bedtime for night-shift folks, and so forth.

I must protest that I did not buy Light just because there is a cat on the cover. Well, not entirely at least... really I bought it because in addition to it being a book club selection at the store and so forth, it came recommended by Iain Banks. Ok, and China Meiville (I'm giving the diacriticals a miss, sorry) and Neil Gaiman as well, and I figured that was pretty good triangulation. I read it yesterday afternoon and I wasn't disappointed - in fact I'm tempted to go back and read it again. Maybe if I'm feeling brave and social tomorrow (and I haven't forgotten some prior commitment) I'll try to show up at their SF book discussion group there at the store.


While I find myself dismayed that it has happened, apparently even mentally I've divided us (US) into sides. "Our side", "their side" - even while I know that as usual the truth lies somewhere in the middle, that seductive dichotomy slips into my brain. I said it in conversation this evening: "I'm still coping with idiots on their side, I can't handle thinking about the idiots on our side" - I think I may have used "doofuses" instead of idiots, on second thought, but that isn't really my point.

My point is how part of what concerns me is how respect for the other opinion has evaporated on all sides of the issues. Collapse )

I wish this didn't eat at me so much. I bet anyone reading this regularly does as well...

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Happy Birthday celibot! (If I'm horribly mistaken and it isn't today, well happy birthday anyway, damn it!)

And an abashed belated happy birthday to thingunderthest, jam yesterday and jam tomorrow (by which I mean the impossibility of me actually recalling your birthday anywhere near the actual date, for whatever reason).

And confound it, now I have bells telling me that karlosthejackal has a natal anniversary somewhere in the neighborhood of nowish, but I can't find any proper confirmation at the moment.

Okay, okay -- happy birthday to all the November folks, especially the ones I've managed to forget completely, please forgive my being a mad cow about exact dates and such. *nod* sigh.