October 20th, 2004


Chris update 2.1

I just spoke briefly to grouchychris on the phone, and he hadn't seen any doctors yet so he didn't have any word about specifics. But we both imagine he'll be there again tonight. Usually if they're going to discharge you they start making noises in that direction earlier on in the day.

I'm going out to visit him again this afternoon, after I wrap things up here at work. I brought my laptop, we shall see what kind of connectivity we can scare up. Now I have to try and remember if I even have a modem installed in the beast... *blush*

Yesterday I had my phone off while I was there in deference to possible policy, but I didn't see anything posted regarding No Cell Phones. If I end up shutting it off again I'll make a point to check messages a little oftener. Or you can call Chris on the room phone at 206-364-0500 x1433.

Release: Chris 3.0

I just got a call from grouchychris and they are discharging him from the hospital today after all. (I spoke too soon - but you see, occasionally reverse psychology can work on the universe.)

The trick is going to be getting him home - he's not allowed to drive himself (rightly so). Also, someone who can drive a manual transmission will be needed to drive his car home. I gave him cjo as a possible for transporting his person, and he's probably calling her as I type. I'm not certain of her schedule though, she may not be available. I left a message on amnotsurly's voice mail as well.

If it happens someone reading this would be available for transport or stick-shift driving...