October 9th, 2004


midnight raid

Got to see sharkins for the first time in ages - congratulations on the degree again, my dear! - as she came down from the mountain for a visit last night. Then we staged a late night (or early morning, as you like) foray over to the lair of grouchychris, as she'd not had, as yet, the pleasure.

There are few things finer than being up at all hours with one's friends, I think. I'm not entirely certain why it gives me such a sense of contented freedom and well-being, but it does.

Many Happy Returns! of the day to sculpin! Be seeing you!!
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Now, I'm just flat out uncomfortable. Reflected sunlight? I'm not sure, but I'm going to go hide in my darkened room with ice packs. How terribly goth.


Having finished reading both Science and Bitch in my nicely darkened room, I emerge to prepare myself to go out, only to find that even the little light left at the moment is kind of painful. Shoo sun! Begone foul burning orb, get thee to the other side of the earth.

I can't imagine how people with porphyria cope.