September 30th, 2004


right, left, whatever

Happiness is roommates who love you even when you muck up the espresso grinder settings. Sigh. However, I believe the situation has been repaired. It would help if I could remember things like gauge ratios and such in the morning, but what are the chances? Big number, small grind - just like piercing jewelry.

They must still love me, though - there is an industrial size container of half-and-half in the fridge.

that was then, this is now

It appears the House is getting ready to outsource torture of suspected terrorists. Sponsored by the Republicans, tucked into an amendment to the bill implementing the 9/11 review recommendations. Irony isn't dead after all.

Wasn't there someone, a while back, making some speech about the United States not having a policy of torture?

Not to mention that anyone with even a sliver of a clue should be aware that torture doesn't give you intelligence worth a damn - what it gives you is stories your victim thinks you want to hear.

Gah. Making Light says it all far more cogently than I can. I feel like -- well, I'm not sure what I feel like, but it isn't pleased.


This morning I got an email from Apple saying my replacement replacement iPod had been shipped. This afternoon when I got home from work, it was here. That's pretty speedy, the speediest yet. With any luck, this one will actually work.

Finally gave my boots a much needed waxing. I am no gnome, but they were dusty. Now they are black and shiny again, and proofed against damp.

I am really coming to like the Xjournal client. I think I shall go donate some money to their tip jar.

The other morning with my hair down I was amused by how much I looked like my LJ icon. I also look a fair bit like my picture on my new Washington State ID card. I don't like the picture as much as the prior one, but I do at least look less like a stunned giraffe. The camera angle and distance of the prior photo make my neck look about two feet long. In the new photo I merely look old and mildly disgruntled. Or perhaps mildly gruntled. Not too far from the truth, either way.

My dentist's office phoned me today to wish me a happy birthday! I was amused, when the woman identified herself at first, I was thinking "did I forget an appointment?" but nope. My birthday isn't until Sunday, but they're mostly a M-Th operation, so it makes a certain amount of sense,
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