August 15th, 2004



One more thing to try and track - do those ultra-groggy wakings like I had yesterday presage a headache. I spoke too soon when I said I'd managed to dodge the usual one - yesterday afternoon and evening were pretty much a wash until the sun went down.

So I ended up missing my 20-year high school reunion after all, not being willing to undertake the journey to Bremerton while suffering headache and nausea and light sensitivity. I wouldn't have been much fun to be around, and I doubt I would have enjoyed it while feeling poorly.

I spent the afternoon and evening sleeping, mostly. After sunset I started feeling human again, and I roasted some coffee. I missed a trip to Ikea to hunt furniture with grouchychris and mykque, but I did have breakfast with them, and a spot of lunch with faintheart and amnotsurly before retreating home to stick my head in a metaphorical bucket.
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I stand corrected (or sit, rather)

When I heard there was a remake of the Manchurian Candidate on the way, I essentially ignored it. About the only thing that percolated through was that Denzel Washington was starring, and so I went on my merry, dismissive way.

This afternoon, however, that was the film grouchychris suggested. Not having dug my heels in so firmly that the suggestion of someone whose opinion I respect couldn't shake them loose, I acquiesced.

I'm quite glad I did. It is enough different from the orignal movie to be suspenseful in its own right, and Meryl Streep turns in a killer performance as the mother. Finding out that Johnathan Demme was involved was an additional bonus. I was quite impressed. And recommend it, whether or not you've seen the other version.
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