August 11th, 2004



2 minutes 49 seconds this morning. I've been averaging around 3.5 minutes, for the most part.

I find I tend to put two cards together rapidly, then look for a third while noting what sorts of 'key' cards aren't present. For example, if there are no three diamond cards of any type, there will be no sets consisting of all threes. Nor will there be any with all diamonds, since the cards don't repeat. So I stop looking for those patterns.

I'm sure there are lovely mathematical proofs for the above, but all I can do is say I'm mostly sure it's the case, intuitivly. Math is so slippery, I can never nail anything down - the minute I assert something positively I wil find I am wrong...
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maybe things really were different then

I stumbled across this speech by Eisenhower while searching for something else. I don't know enough about him to say whether the remarks are as extemporaneous as claimed, but how nice to be told up front someone is trying to persuade us. How amazing to hear a President say something is complex, speaking in humble manner. The contrast with the current situation is painful.

Someone should gather Washington DC together (yes, all parties and persons) for Story Time and read it to them. Not that they would necessarily listen, alas.