August 9th, 2004


long day's journey into furnishings

Yes hips, yes knees, yes ankles, I hear you. You're martyrs to the cause, we'll build statues in the square to your sacrifice. So shut up already.

I spent yesterday early-afternoon helping grouchychris with the pre-tag-end portion of Phase 1 painting, and am a little stiff today. (Another thing to start tracking in my other journal, perhaps - it seems to vary over the month how sore I will be after something like this. I'd be curious to know if it actually does, of if I just imagine it follows my cycle.) I believe all but the master bedroom is done, and that is simply shy its final coat. The master bath and the Other Room are going to have to wait for their make-overs, I believe.

The fun part was taking down the plastic & so forth from the main part, so that you could finally see the place looking like a proper apartment. I thought it was a cool place before, but the vanilla-ice-cream shade of paint he's chosen opens the rooms up such that I like it even more.

Then we had food with sculpin (who was looking especially cute - I do think that haircut suits you) and rjl20 at the Bamboo Garden. Mmm, taro root appetizer thingys... A lovely visit, giant robotic badgers and all.

And after the food, the furniture shopping! Or at least the attempt at such. We drove down to Southcenter, having forgotten the day was Sunday and so everything was just closing when we got there a few minutes prior to six. Sigh. However, there was one place that was open until 8:00 p.m. (those radicals!) so we wandered around there for a bit, grouchychris test-flinging himself on couches while I tried to convince the salesclerk that selling to me wasn't going to do him any good, it wasn't going to be my couch. In spite of his best efforts, however, we left, 0%-down-financing (and furniture) free.

That pretty much exhausted my shopping energy; grouchychris outstrips me there and went off to look for kitchen accoutrements. I did laundry and fell asleep. Yay, sleep!
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