July 31st, 2004



Happy belated Katemas - Garyq left me a phone message or I'd have forgotten. I only did half the sacrament - the chocolate half, of course.

amnotsurly, you got your server reset.

Not sleepy, not really awake, sort of drowsy but pretty sure if I go lie down I'll wake up post-haste. I'll thnk of something.
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I occasionally have olfactory hallucinations - at the moment I am catching the odd whiff of paint fumes.

One way or another, I'm sure it has to do with spending a good chunk of the day helping grouchychris paint his new domicile. Either I'm smelling paint I got into and haven't been successful at removing yet, or I'm triggering on the last reasonably less-than-regular scent I've smelled lately.

We got a fair bit done by the time we knocked off around 3:30 p.m. or so. I arrived with uly and cjo in tow; when they had to leave was right around when mykque showed up. My hands are a little stiff - I spent most of the time doing edging/detail work.

It was more fun than I was anticipating - I don't usually look forward to activities where I'm liable to end up covering myself in something like paint (I'm fastidious in weird ways). Good company makes up for a lot. Not to mention I owe a large karmic debt for the 20-odd times or so he's helped me move, for example.

Besides, who doesn't love paint fumes? Mmmm. /facetious
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