July 30th, 2004


3:30 p.m. can't come fast enough

Just got done overhearing a well organized but wee protest against harassment of immigrant families - sitting on the northeast side of the building means any time there is a demonstration on the 2nd Avenue plaza of the Federal Building, I can hear it. Today's more than most, as they had a PA system.

One of my coworkers had an odd reaction (to me) - he also sits by the window, and I asked him if he had been able to make out who they were from what they were saying. "People without jobs, trying to tell us how we should take care of them!" was the beginning of his acerbic response, which went on until he noticed my blank look and paused, took a breath and admitted no, he didn't know who they were. Um, ok... I hate it when I step in somebody's issues like that.

Now, judging by the novelty horns, we are being assailed by Seafair Pirates. When I'm in a good mood, they always remind me of the Monty Python sketch at the opening of one of their movies with the bankers turned pirates sailing off in their building.

Internet Exploder

I've been having trouble using Safari as my web browser here and there, and especially while trying to pay my phone bill online. So I called customer service, whereat I was alerted that there are 'issues' between Safari and the website.

Ok, fine - and the customer service rep suggested I try using Internet Explorer; I thought I had noticed it here on the machine already, and sure enough it is. In the interim I payed my bill via the phone call.

What I found highly entertaining was my CSR had a bit of an accent, so when she said "Internet Explorer" it honestly sounded like she was saying "Internet Exploder" instead. A perhaps unconsidered side effect of outsourcing, heh.
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