July 17th, 2004


personal records

7:21 - the fourth daily Set puzzle I've solved, the first that has taken me under ten minutes. The first, I must also add, where I didn't try to ID the same set more than once; I just found all six boom-boom-boom.

I'm amused at my impulse to post my time. The majority of time-able sorts of things I do I tend to go for stamina over speed - the long and short of it is I'm simply not built for speed. So part of me is amused that I even noticed my times at all, since I certainly didn't set out to keep track of them....


Apparently "No Information" on the wireless bus information sites doesn't mean something sensible like "we've lost contact with the transponder" or "poor signal coherence", it means "we're simply not going to run the damn bus this morning". I waited through two posted times with no luck whatsoever. Grumble.

Fine, I didn't need to go to the gym after all. I'm plenty hot and sweaty from hiking up and down the hill to the bus stop anyway... and my knees are cranky, and my lower gi is cranky, and so now that my brain is cranky we can all be cranky together.

I just console myself that this, this is GOOD bus service compared with what I have seen in other cities. Yay.

mobile computing

What's the point of having a portable computer if you never port it?

I'm posting from Bellingham, from my own machine. Sitting in the livingroom of the Big House, mykque's lovely domicile, with him and PaulC and grouchychris. The only wire is going to a borrowed trackball that I'm trying out. This is pretty damn cool, if I do say so myself.

I can even get onto Ulydock. Heh. Whee!