July 12th, 2004


martial law in sixty days

I have mentioned in the past that I find it irksome how this administration makes me look like a nutball conspiracy theorist.

Sure enough, people are looking into how to suspend the election process come November. Only as a contingency plan, of course. It's a good thing, being prepared. /Jerome Bixby

Here's an entertaining game: go to Google's news page, and pull up the page listing all related headlines on the topic. Amuse yourself by guessing the political leanings of the various organs of journalism by how they choose to title this story.

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Spending the evening sticking music on my computer. It is kind of an odd exercise, since it has been a while since I listened to many of my cds. Years, in some cases - part laziness, part ancient stereo equipment that was inconvenient (purchased 1984) and slightly less ancient but nevertheless no good at streaming any damn thing computer, and part... I don't know. Overstimulation? Plenty of music (or at least noise) present in my life already? Who knows. I will be entertained to see how much (or little) space on my iPod the entire collection takes up, in the end.

Yesterday afternoon was a pleasant interlude playing games with Tim A. and grouchychris. Ok, part of it was pleasant, and part of it was kind of irritating, because we played Illuminati - yes, I went against my better judgement, faintheart - and I hate being ganged up on, which is nigh inevitable .

On the other hand, Tim showed up with a game that was new to me called Set, where you match patterns on cards (to make sets, duh) that I enjoyed well enough to offset my later illuminated irkedness. We only played one game, which made me sad as for once i was doing quite well.

Watching myself and my reactions yesterday, and while playing NWN in Nordock, I've come to the conclusion that I don't play well with others. Not so much in the usual sense as much as I find I tend to stick to doing things and strategies that I can accomplish alone. I'm reluctant to join parties on Nordock, for no good reason usually. I hate the 'ganging-up' aspects of Illuminati and Cosmic Encounter, and it's rare for me to solicit help. My biggest complaint about the Stone puzzle game is you can't solve many (most, for me) of the puzzles alone, you usually need a couple of perspectives, and I tend to find it both galling and difficult to ask for aid. Oh, and I have a bad habit of bearing grudges.

Anyway, I think I'm going to get a copy of Set for myself. It's a card game, and is just as easily played solitare as not...