July 3rd, 2004



I've been pretty inwardly focused of late. I am also becoming aware that even though it didn't throw me into the emotional turmoil that moving my personal domicile did, being on the move committee at work, and moving there was very draining emotionally and energetically. I have done nothing all week except come home after work and nap, for the most part. Long naps, and sound ones, and I'm still quite tired. I think I'm allowed at this point to officially register the characteristic that I don't like moving.

I do like our new space, although it does have some negatives. I think it will feel less squeezed as the boxes get unpacked and put away. At the moment it feels a bit as though everyone is living in each other's pockets.

I feel like I have been ignoring people a bit, and I feel kind of bad about it, except that unless people like watching me sleep - and I am told it can be an entertaining passtime - i wouldn't have been much company. sharkins especially - but you know how bad I am with the phone.

I'm full of all sorts of good intentions for tomorrow (ok, later today technically) but if I don't go to sleep soon I won't accomplish a one. I did roast two loads of coffee earlier this evening, though.


I did go to the gym. *nod* *stamp* I will save the rest of that discussion for the body journal, but sometimes it's nice to make a plan and actually execute it.

Yesterday at work a fine career of avoidance came to an end. After 9.5 years of managing not to have to do anything with the main taxpayer database computer system, I am now an official IDRS user. Which on some level scares me, proving that the UNAX folks have been effective in putting the Fear into me.

Notwithstanding the multitude of reassurances, I finally managed to figure out why while talking on the phone with my mother this morning. Basically it has to do with how I have always learned about computer systems in the past - which is essentially poking around the system, breaking or not-breaking things, occasionally crossing places I'm not necessarially supposed to be, etc. Classroom instruction only goes so far.

This is not a system I can do that on...

Now that I know why I was freaked out, though, I am much less so. Besides, what are they going to do, fire me? Well, yes - that is the problematic part. This is the computer system they fire people for snooping around in, actually. On the other hand, this is a system used by thousands of telephone assistors, not all of whom are the cleverest monkey in the troop. I imagine they have the instructions down to the lowest common denominator by now. It will just be a matter of sticking to the instructions and not getting cocky about what I think I know, I imagine.

However, if my gaming performance today is any indicator of how good I am at remembering to refrain from being overconfident, I should just pack up my desk and put my papers in order. Heh.