June 26th, 2004


(spare) change

Well here I am posting from a new interface on a new computer. Whee.

Ok, that sounds far more snide than it needs to or I meant it to be. I pride myself on being flexible, but I am learning that I don't always react to changes terribly well. Even positive ones take a bit of getting used to.

So, anyway, I'll call this a test and post it to see how things work from this end of the universe.

SFM (long) (longer than I thought certainly)

So - by the way, this is driving me nuts, this constant "so" showing up in my speech and writing, and I know where it is comming from too. The coworker who sits closest to me on 30 has a habit of saying it. Mostly as a phatic pause, and I doubt he even realizes he does it, but now it has crept into my speech patterns.

Right, starting over.

This morning I took my mom to the Science Fiction Museum. I am a charter member, though I didn't attend the soiree last Tuesday or anything. This was simply not the week for me to do anything besides work, take muscle relaxants and sleep. But I digress.

Really, I couldn't not be a member, even though it took a fair amount of ingenuity and pestering to get them to take my money. Beginnings are not terribly organized times, I tend to forget. From the minute I heard about the plans, back a couple years ago at Norwescon, I knew I had to join, whether it flew or fizzled. I was fairly sure it would fly, given the caliber of the folks involved, but it's hard to tell sometimes even then.
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