June 8th, 2004


lunch-time tidbits

I think - unless someone is holding out on me - that I finally installed the last upgrade for the QMS group today. One of those things where they were supposed to do it themselves, which meant it didn't get done... but with the added consequence that if you open a release 5.2 file with any previous iteration of the program it corrupts the data in really nasty ways. So PSP to the rescue, and I zipped around installing the update on the QMS group's machines Friday, yesterday and today. It's taken on average about an hour per machine per install. Thank the stars for crossword puzzles - something I can do with one eye on the screen in case anything goes wonky during greybar.

The current run of coffee in the espresso grinder at home is a Sumatra that I roasted. *preen* I think it turned out quite tasty. uly says it's not the best Sumatra ever, but my less-educated palate likes it just fine. It's got a lovely chocolate after-flavor and scent...

Granted, Sumatra is a favorite varietal of mine to begin with. I prefer the 'earthier' coffees to the 'brighter' ones, which means as far as most commercial roasts I'm doomed to be disappointed at least a little bit by most offerings. I like the Indonesians, the Africans, and then the South American coffees in about that order.

It's a funky coffee to roast. Sumatra is not to be examined too closely by those inclined toward preferring the antiseptic. It's not Kopi Luwak (aka catshit coffee) but it is full of beans looking scruffy enough that under other circumstances they'd probably be discarded as defective. The initial batch I roasted snuck through 1st pop with barely a crackle; the second got really fluffy really fast, so that if I stirred it much at all beans would fly out of the popper.

I'm not sure why I find it as much fun as I do. I suppose it's a good thing, since the least I can do is help produce the finished product that I help us run through so much of...