June 4th, 2004


something besides snakes and alligators in the swamp?

This headline brought a completely involuntary "ha!" of surprise out of my mouth this morning.

Tenet has wanted out for a while. I can easily accept family reasons as why he'd go, as in "I'd like to still have one," instead of letting stress and public opprobrium harm/destroy it.

Pity it will make it easier for the Ophidia Orientales to lay the blame for what is being called 'the intelligence failures' at the CIA's door, when as far as I can tell all those pesky waffling adjectives (like "inconclusive") got lost from the reports some time after they'd left the doors of the CIA on their way to the White House.

(no subject)

Long (subjectively) day today, but reasonably fulfilling in that I got the problem solved in time to go home on time/early. But I'm still feeling wiped out. Napped a little but it didn't really help too much.

My room is approaching warmer than I care for, so I imagine it is time to figure out where and how to set up the fan for optimal cooling.

I find myself strangely obsessed with how the word llama in Spanish refers to what you call yourself name-wise and has nothing to do with Peruvian quadrupeds. I wonder if that is the seed of the llama sketch from Monty Python? Plus I can't see the word without hearing
The one l lama, he's a priest
the two l llama, he's a beast
but I will bet a silk pajama
that there is no three l lllama
bouncing along as well...