May 21st, 2004


mmmm coffee

I hesitate to say it with vigor, but I think Cafe Vita must have a new roaster or two on board.

I'm pretty strongly of the belief that you can't make a latte/espresso drink of greater quality than the foundation ingredients. The impressive variety of coffees I've been privileged to taste since moving into the Labyrinth has supported this view.

Thus my surprise at getting consistently good drinks from the downtown Online Cafe, which uses Cafe Vita coffee - a house that has singularly failed to impress me in the past with its product. While I still have not had a cup of drip Cafe Vita that I particularly cared for, I'm getting curious enough to almost be willing to try the drip there next time I'm wandering by in need of coffee.

Even the best barista can't make a good drink out of crappy coffee. Once or twice could have been a fluke. But this is something I've noticed over the last month or so - I stop in there perhaps twice a week between the bus and work - tasting my drink and thinking "hmm, this is better than I expected". It holds up when the coffee cools, as well, which is sort of my ultimate litmus test.

So, hey. Good news in the local sense, whether it is an actual change in the coffee or some magic quality of the morning Online staff. Enough of a difference I thought it worth mentioning, in any case...