April 30th, 2004


Go Jim! Boo, Nancy! (political)

Apparently Representative Jim McDermott got chastised by Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for leaving "under God" out of his recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance on the House floor.

It might not hurt to drop him a word of support.

Stupid anti-communist Cold War rhetorical that a number of nitwits choose to pretend was present from day 1 in 1776 or when-the-hell-ever *mutter* *mutter*...

[Look grouchychris, another infix!]

(no subject)

Save me from people who ask idiotic questions out of not understanding the process and pompous self-importance. I'd like to give the stick up their asses a swift and solid kick.

So I have a security review I need to do monthly on the audit trail for a particular system, and part of it involves using Event Viewer to examine the Application, System and Security logs. Of course, in their infinite wisdom, Event Viewer is one of the system tools the rabble end users are locked out of. So we put in a trouble ticket to have it released on my machine.

In a blazing show of speed, it only took them a week to get around to getting in touch and making an appointment to take care of it today. So the tech shows up, and we wrestle with XP and directory permissions for an hour or so until I can finally run Event Viewer under my profile. So off the tech goes, and I'm merrily bopping along, until I try to open the security tab. What lo, I'm still lacking privileges for that tab. (Pity that wasn't the one I chose to test while the tech was still physically present.)

So I fire off an email explaining the problem, and eventually (just now) I got an email back from the tech, saying she'd been asking questions about how to accomplish the process, and apparently the people she was asking replied "Why does she need to see Security?"

Now granted I am perhaps making assumptions - maybe the tech explained the situation poorly to the questioners. But she seemed pretty with it when she was here this morning. But, the original ticket request seemed pretty clear to me:
Description: User is a analyzes security reports for the MACS system. User needs Event Viewer Program for the ability to review these reports.

What do I need to see Security for? Because I'm writing a [deleted] Security review, you malodorous bureaucratic lumps of protoplasm! *bangs head on desk*

And get this - our MITS is supposed to be one of the better ones, nation-wide. *shudder* Forgive the grammar of the ticket request, I didn't submit it myself.