April 22nd, 2004


lunch-time here at the ranch

Well, I'm all moved to the 30th floor, zip-flip-clip! We'll be here for about another 45 days, then off to the 16th floor and our 'permanent' home. Which is good, because at the moment we have old, very non-ergonomic furniture. The sort of stuff from early days when they kind of made a half-stab at it, thus making it worse than just throwing the keyboard on a table would be. If it gets too bad I'll just undock the laptop, plug it into the LAN and go from there.

Next up - my (hopefully) last conference call with the old group. I have lost all ability to care what goes on there, even the least little bit.

I'm going to be busy enough in this new spot that I'll probably be a trifle quieter here in LJ-land. But I'll probably look in at lunch, and there is always home.