March 26th, 2004


*deep breath*

Here I am not panicking about all the little details I haven't thought through to the nth degree about the move (that will take care of themselves).

O2 is good.

from holyoutlaw

  • My journal is called Terrafactive Armageddon because some day the earth will rise up and throw off her oppressors. Real Soon Now. Well, I can hope. Don't think so? Go stand in a hurricane, or surf an earthquake. Then come back and tell me how man is master of his environment.

  • My subtitle is a life overexamined because it often is. Or so I've been told.

  • My friends page is called we are vrrrrriends - ouch! because Stanley Weinbaum's A Martian Odyssey, one of the first science fiction short stories I ever read, knocked my socks off and indelibly imprinted itself on my brain.

  • And, just for the hell of it: My username is cithra because since I made it up, I never have to fight for it.