March 20th, 2004


My Life in Boxes

I'm boxed up except for things I need to live for the next week, and next Sunday I shall be renting a Large Truck to make the final go.

I have too much stuff. Even with the big box of Things That Must Go. My resolution is to get completely unpacked this time around, including getting rid of a bunch more things I don't need.

This is somewhat undermined by going through some bags of books that had been culled out of cjot & uly's collection, and finding four or five that I needed. Ok, wanted. Whatever, I took them.

I did at least have the presence of mind to simply carry them upstairs; I did not bring them back to the apartment to be moved over to the house again later.

Told you my brain shuts down when confronted with moving - I really did have to work my way through that thought process before leaving them behind. *sigh*