December 18th, 2003


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Holiday potluck today here at work - our floor has had some major rearrangements, so we had a 'floating' party. All the different groups set up tables in their areas with food, then everyone wandered around between departments, snacking and chatting.

It was fun - more than I expected, too. It's amazing what a difference sitting with people who don't wish you were dead can be... Perhaps my psycho ex-boss doesn't really want me dead, literally. Perhaps it would be fine if I simply wandered off and never darkened her door again. But a colder, more unpleasant person I've never worked with before, and the pall that casts over the area she occupies is palpable.

So now is the filling in the corners time. Everyone has gone back to work, but every so often someone will come by for a handful of chips or another cookie. Speaking of which...

silent y

Just finished watching Winged Migration. I'm pretty sure if I'd seen this in the theater it would have blown me out of my seat. On the small screen it was still interesting, but not as riveting as I found the trailer for it I saw in front of Rivers and Tides.

Some of the distraction, on the other hand, may well have come from trying to keep an eye on the cat. I think she had a minor seizure this morning, consequently I've been trying to monitor her behavior - as well as being a little freaked, in general.

And so to bed. [Who in their right mind pronounces Pepys as peeps? Bah.]