December 15th, 2003


smoke alarm 3: Joy 2.5

Grump. It appears coffee roasting is going to be a two person job, unless I simply want to put up with the added excitement of having the fire department bust down my door during the final stages of the roasting curve. However, I did turn out what I hope will be a decent (if darkish) Uganda. It looks good, and smells good - we'll see how it tastes in a day or so.
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I had 0 decorations up, then I got a box from the Fresno group today full of stuff, so I put up the things they sent. Snowmen mostly - again; faithful readers may recall the Legion of Snowmen last year. Those guys are all in a box somewhere because of the move - the CMLC stole our storage cabinet, so now everything that was in it is in boxes under my desk. So now there are even MORE snowmen to join the Legion - though I may keep one of the ornaments, it's a bell that's been made into a snowman and is actually kind of cute. Oh, and a really nice ceramic box that is shaped like an igloo, with a snowman trapped in a globe on the lid - it is much cuter than it sounds, astonishingly enough.

So now I'm all seasonal and stuff. Um, yeah.
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