December 7th, 2003


when she was wrong, she was horrid

So much for people with similar leanings instantly knowing when they encounter another of their ilk.

I used to work with the librarian mentioned in this snippet. She was always so formal and distant, with an aura of not-quite-approving of me that I (in my prejudice) assumed she was some kind of conservative fundamentalist, probably christian. The campus was rife with evangelicals at the time - kind of odd for a state university, but there you go - so it was an easy bias for me to fall into.

For someone who prides herself on being able to read people, I was laughably off the mark. Not so much on different pages as in completely different media. *shakes head*

I guess that answers the niggling question that arose some years back when I saw a woman at Beyond the Edge who I thought might be her...

adventures & sushi

uly, Carol, grouchychris and myself went out for sushi last night, to a place in the ID called Bush Garden. It was excellent, everything we had very good. I don't have oodles of experience with sushi, so this was kind of an experiment. We definitely need to go back.

Afterwards we decided to go to a lounge/coffee house in West Seattle for coffee and dessert. No one who'd been there before could remember the name of our destination, so we took off in our separate vehicles armed with directions and a description of the place. The gist that our party extracted from the directions was that it was more lounge-like than coffee shop-like, and so we found what we guessed was the place, got seated at a booth, and waited for the other two to join us. And waited. And then my phone rings - surprise, we're NOT in the right venue. But our bar sounded more fun, so the other two came and joined us, instead.

One of the topics of discussion was Master and Commander, and there was enough enthusiasm evident that I'm half convinced to take myself off to see it after all. Maybe this afternoon...