November 16th, 2003


the beverage queen

A little further down the spectrum, I've also been making a delicious iced tea from mint tea that sharkins gave me. She grew it in her very own garden, which to my mind makes it even better.

It amuses me to no end to shake out a handful of dried leaves from the jar and put them in hot water. Just because while this is the true essence of tea-making, it is so far from what I think of as 'tea' usually. The upshot of the melange is a mental picture that focuses on tea-packets and tea-bags, in spite of acquiring later knowledge. So I find it amusing to remind myself of what tea really is: leaves.

Here's the recipe, such as it is:

  • handful of tea leaves

  • 2+ quarts of filtered water

  • honey to taste (maybe a scant 0.25 cup per 2 quarts, not like I measure it, I just glop it into the pitcher and then taste the result, and I tend to like just a hint of sweetness)

Put 1 quart of water plus tea leaves in sauce pan on medium high heat and bring to a simmer. Reduce heat and top off water in pan to keep the liquid level reasonably constant, simmer in the neighborhood of 15-30 minutes, depending on what distracts you. The goal is for the tea to be a deep gold color.

When you're happy with the color, take the sauce pan off the heat and strain it into a pitcher. This is where I add the honey, so the heat can help it dissolve - I try to put the honey in the pitcher first but sometimes I forget and end up adding it second. Stir until honey is dissolved, then add the rest of the second quart of water until you are happy with color/taste. Refrigerate.
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