November 15th, 2003


burning down the house

So yesterday I roasted my very first batch of coffee. It went pretty well, over all - at least in the "all's well that ends well" sense of things.
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I'll know for certain in a day or three how well it really went, since that's the optimal time to taste the roasted coffee. It looks and smells lovely, though.
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C-SPIN Baghdad

All the spin from the Middle East, all the time (from the Washington Post):
In an escalation of White House efforts to circumvent what President Bush calls the news media "filter," the Pentagon plans to launch a 24-hour satellite channel from Baghdad to make it easier for U.S. television stations to air government-authorized news about Iraq.

The official word is it will have uncut coverage of various events. "We want the stations to show not just the shocking picture but the whole picture," said a senior administration official who refused to be named. Tricky, when the whole picture is shocking...

'C-SPAN Baghdad' is the administration nickname for the project. I prefer C-SPIN as more likely accurate. Or maybe they should just cut to the chase and call it Pravda.