November 1st, 2003


on your marks... get set...

...Nanowrimo! And gosh, I already tried to spill coffee in my keyboard again this year. Fortunately this time there was a lid, so the keyboard is still operational. This was just about one a.m., so the gremlins were getting to work much earlier this year. And so had better I.


amnotsurly reminds me that even if I'm not up to a car trip to Bellingham, I'm up to a stroll over to Aurafice. So that means I'll get to hear Six's reading after all! First I thought I was going to miss it by being out of town, then I got confused and thought it was last night. So that's where I shall be, heading out in mere moments.

So here's the link image, icebluenothing, a little late but nonetheless sincere.


(no subject)

Lovely reading. Six almost acts the pieces out at times, going from one character to the next. Very engrossing, my neck is stiff from sitting so rapt. Aurafice was quite full.

Walking home I could begin to belive the people talking about snow - the cold has that peculiar penetrating quality that tends to presage snowfall.

Or I'm just old, and cold, and chilled by horror stories. In a good way.