October 13th, 2003


plants are scary

Normally I can't grow houseplants very well, but I usually try to have some wheat grass on hand for Xiombarg - if for no other reason than she likes to drink out of the catchment after I water it. Since it comes already sprouted, it's pretty easy to keep around as long as I remember to water it - after a couple of months it gets scraggly and to the point where there is more dead mass than alive, and I get a new one.

When I was getting cat food this last time, though, they had these cute little "grow your own" kits, so I bought one - mostly out of curiosity (it's just wheat, plain old standard every-day wheat). Plus the directions were simple enough - put the wheat on top of the (included) dirt, keep moist, give to cat when sprouts are four inches tall. So I did as directed.

Yesterday morning I noticed what appeared to be sprouting activity, some of the grains were tipped into different positions, or had moved a little. By mid-day there were little shoots poking up here and there. Now there's a miniature forest of little green spikes, so things seem to be coming along properly.

The scary part is the speed at which the stuff grows. I've got the container sitting in the kitchen, and every time I walk by it (every couple of hours or so) I swear the stuff has gotten another millimeter taller. I've seen stop-motion photography of plants growing, but it's kind of eerie to feel like if I stopped and sat there watching it, I could probably see it getting taller.

Suddenly all those "Day of the Triffids" type stories make a little more visceral sense.

...and here we go, again

Back over to Bremerton for another day of packing. For some questionable value of "another" since on Saturday neither my mom nor I felt very chipper, and I ended up coming home early and crawling in bed. I don't think it was this cold that seems to be the current scourge - I think it was partly the day in general, and partly something I ate.
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The day itself - well, as much as I adore fall, those penetratingly damp, cold days are the ones that make my weird arthritis-analog flare up. It never quite rains, but it doesn't clear off either...

Yesterday, at least, I accomplished what I meant to. And today we're back out there at it.
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