September 22nd, 2003


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Now see, this is the kind of day I could go for on a regular basis: do a little reading, do a little writing, engage in some online discussion, etc. (Minus the neuropathy would be bonus - but clearly in spite of it is possible.)

Just got to figure out how to make it pay...

infested by Ninjas

grouchychris, karlosthejackal, amnotsurly, I blame you. Apparently I've picked up an invisible roommate. His name is Ritchard Wooley. He reads Bavarian Autosport and gets fat letters from New York attorneys. Oh, and prize notifications from N.M.E. in Florida by Important Delivery Letter (second notice).

WTF?? I've only lived here for the past 18 months. I would have thought if he was the previous tenant I'd have heard of him by now. Well, Ritch old buddy, you're going to have to find another maildrop - this is all going out again in tomorrow's post. [Even the carrier is confused - all three items have a big ? inked on them.]
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