June 7th, 2003



Last couple of times I've tried to post have coincided with the server glitches, it seems.

I wonder what the etymology of "glitch" is... 'glitching my cool' just has an unusual sort of ring to it, to me.

Not a lot to say. My apartment is very warm. What an astonishingly large amount of sweat one human being can produce under the right circumstances! Poor Xiombarg - she likes the coolness of the air from the fan, but she doesn't like the way it ruffles her fur...

I finally remembered to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow the venetian blinds yesterday, that should help.
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my eyelids are sweating

...or at least that's what it feels like. At which point I always think "can they do that?" and then promptly forget to look up the anatomical details when I'm somewhere I might possibly be able to find information on whether or not eyelid skin has sweat glands.
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    western facing windows = oven-like apartment