May 1st, 2003


ah, finally

Two Towers DVDs Due
New Line Home Entertainment announced that initial DVD and VHS versions of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers will come out Aug. 26, with a special edition due Nov. 18. The basic DVD release of The Two Towers will carry a suggested retail price of $29.95, the VHS $22.99.

In November, New Line will release a four-disc special extended DVD edition, comparable to last year's extended version of The Fellowship of the Ring.

Stolen from's News of the Week, where the following snippet was also found:

ABC has given a green light to Stephen King's proposed 15-hour supernatural miniseries Kingdom Hospital, which will premiere in January as a two-hour movie, followed by 13 weekly episodes, TV Guide Online reported.

I wonder how it will stand up against Lars Von Trier's original. At least on IMDb they're giving Von Trier writing credit on King's project.
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