April 13th, 2003


places to do, people to go, things to be

Items of interest lately encountered:
  • Rivers and Tides - a very mellow documentary about the artist Andy Goldsworthy. Collapse ) I was enthralled - if I had ever encountered the gentleman or his works before I might have been less fascinated, but kudos to grouchychris for the suggestion (he, faintheart and myself saw it this afternoon).

  • A Mighty Wind, the latest film from Christopher Guest & his crew. Collapse ) The movie itself was great fun.

  • the Mars Bar and Venus Cafe - on Eastlake. Collapse )

  • Phuket (pronounced foo-kay - it's one of the Thai islands, not a clever re-spelling of an expletive) - a lovely Thai restaurant in lower Queen Anne, on the same block as the Uptown Theatre. Collapse )

And so, to bed.
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