March 27th, 2003



Just a quick note to indicate I'm back - catching up with email & lj may take a bit, especially since the cat seems bound and determined to camp on my arms. Plus I always find travel exhausting, even when I'm not changing time zones.

More later... thanks for all the well-wishes, it was a safe and pleasant trip.
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    & glad to be home

random notes from this week

Not sure why I ever bother with nail polish - it chips before the evening is out.

Odd encounter in the Fresno airport coming home - the gentleman behind me in line paid for my novel when my debit card was refused. He was in a hurry. "I'm well taken care of," he said - which I thought was odd phrasing. So I accepted the gift and got out of his way.

Fresno is still flat (surprise!) but at least that fact doesn't impinge itself upon me every third thought, anymore. This was the most useful trip so far in terms of actually learning anything from the presentations.

Had Basque food, finally. Well, went to a Basque restaurant and watched other people have Basque food, for the most part, since it's a heavily carnivorous cuisine. What I vegetarian options I hunted out and had were good, though.

Came home with numerous bunny-themed things. They're really into trinkets and favors and suchlike - I don't know if it's just a random confluence of people who all like that kind of stuff, or if it's a Fresno thing, or what.

I'm quite glad to be back, I'll reiterate. It's nice to go elsewhere places, but I'm always very happy to come home.