December 12th, 2002


the post office hates me

The Information School has a web page you can log into to see how the application process is ticking along. I was looking at my status, and I noticed that a couple of things were missing - my GRE scores and one of my letters of recommendation. Both of which were mailed from their respective authors in August... So I fired off an email to double-check, and sure enough, neither were there.

Of course it would be the letter from the professor currently on sabbatical that would be missing - but I was lucky enough to catch her at her email and get her to re-send a copy, which subsequently arrived successfully. For the GRE scores, the WWU graduate school was kind enough to cc me the letter they sent, so all I have to do is fax it over (or make a copy and send it to them by post).

At least it makes me feel justified in my mild obsession with getting things in early and regularly checking on my status.
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