November 6th, 2002


klaatu barada nicto

Elsewhere, on an unrelated topic, rimrunner says to me Brilliant, whether you agree with his politics or not. The perfect cue for November 6th, the morning I wake up and am reminded what an alien freak I am compared to the rest of the body politic.

It's not enough to make me quit voting - although I wonder if I'd have the same fortitude if the ballots weren't being delivered fresh and piping hot to my door and I had to slog through the weather to some moldering schoolhouse basement to vote. It's merely disheartening to turn on the radio and hear election reports that imply my vote for something is an immediate kiss of death.

I exaggerate - local elections occasionally turn out in concert with my choices. But the trends in the national elections rarely make me feel all warm and included/represented.
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nanowrimo count: um

Broke down and went back to the longhand route yesterday, both because I was away from home/computer with time to write and because drafting in longhand just seems to work better for me. If for no other reason than the notebook doesn't tempt me with livejournal and Diablo II... So I have to type it all in before getting a proper word-count or credit. It's not the end of the world.

It's already going strange psychological places.

Besides, how would I get anything done in Fresno next week if I didn't resort to longhand? I don't have a laptop. I like the physical sensation of writing, too.

How strange to be fretting about something like this.
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