November 2nd, 2002


procrastination, part 1

Watched Romeo Must Die this evening. The strangest thing was a sequence in the early part of the film that I swear I'd seen before - the rest of the film was new to me, but this one bit - actors, roles, scenery - was familiar. Maybe I saw a 'making of' show and forgot about it... though that doesn't seem right either. It's as though that set of scenes were lifted wholesale from some other film. Weird. Ok, brain - deja vu is one thing, this is just crazy.

The cat has been ultra-clingy today. I hope we're not in for another earthquake.
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Organized breakfast; reorganized breakfast based on transportation difficulties. Stopped to get coffee at Cyberdogs on the way home, and found myself saying "I have to go work on my novel" even though I swore I wasn't going to be that pretentious. Somehow pulled exact change out of my wallet for the transaction - it was $2.73 and when I grabbed a handful of change it turned out to be exactly 73 cents. That was when I decided it was going to be one of those days, and said what I said.

On my way into the building I stopped to pick up the mail and chatted with the carrier about Netflix, of all things. Gave him the 'free trial' coupon off the latest DVD they sent me (conveniently to hand in today's missives) since he was curious to give it a try.

Going up to Sharkin's new house this evening, which involves a bus trip on the ST Express to Everett. She's out there a ways, in between Baring and Grotto, which are even further east than Index. The place sounds really keen, though.
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