September 25th, 2002


can I have my butch card now?

I've been looking for a new purse off and on for a while, a little more intensively of late since I didn't really want to use my bulky backpack as a purse on the trip to Washington DC. I had some fairly specific criteria in terms of size and construction - I like purses that close for example - things tend to come up missing from open-topped bags, whether by dint of gravity or sticky fingers - and I wanted something big enough to put all my "stuff" in (wallet keys phone meds) as well as accommodating a notebook/journal of moderate size.

I was not having a lot of luck - partly, I'm certain, because I also had fairly specific price criteria as well. But yesterday I finally found something that would serve, and inexpensive enough for me to mourn only briefly that it wasn't leather.

The amusing thing is, after picking it up off the handbag table with the thought of "Yes! This is more like it!" I flipped over the tag to check the price and discovered it was not actually a 'handbag,' but a camera bag.

I think my shout of exultant laughter startled some of the other patrons.
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I figured it out - what Moulin Rouge! reminded me of - the Rocky Horror Picture Show, only with slicker production values.

That probably explains the obscure fondness I keep feeling for it as well.
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