September 23rd, 2002


cat. food.

David (the very pleasant gentleman at the Mud Bay Grainery on Belmont & Pine) put together some free samples of various catfoods for me on Saturday, to see if Xiombarg found any of them more tempting than her current fare. I decided to stop in and ask thier advice, since the pivot they advertise upon is researching the various types of food they offer for healthiness and sound nutrition.

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bad coffee, no biscuit

The coffee in the cafeteria here is SBC, and almost more wretched than SBC in its natural habitat. Why do I continue to buy it? I'm not entirely sure. I think it's mostly the psychological comfort of a warm cup of coffee to clutch to my bosom in the face of the horrors of the workplace, as by that time I've usually had a cup at home for breakfast already. But I'm paying more than I want to for a psychological prop that I can't also consume and enjoy.

Maybe I should try and get moving early enough to make the slight detour stopping by Aurafice would involve. Goodness knows what time they open, I'll have to look and see if it would be feasable.